Will C.

stars“I joined CrossFit Natomas a couple of months ago and I have loved it. As an older, ex competitive athlete, who is out of shape with some joint issues, I was not sure how comfortable I was going to feel. The coaches and members of this box have made it a pleasure to work out. I never feel uncomfortable scaling down a component of a workout or going with lighter weight if needed. Someone is always available to help if needed. The goal is to work out hard, make progress, and get fitter, not struggle with a component you cannot do yet. The coaching is excellent and the coaches very approachable. It is common during a workout for a coach or another member to correct my form or to offer advice. I think this is an essential component to any good to gym to avoid injury and get the best progress. There is very much a warm family feel to this box, give it a try you won’t regret it.”

-Will C.