Piraya Pitpotamus

Head Box Dog (in Memoriam)
Raya the CrossFit Natomas Box Dog

Piraya Pitpotamus

Head Box Dog (in Memoriam)


In Memoriam

Coaching philosophy:
I believe that dogs make the work/workout environment a better place.

Year you started Crossfit and how you found it:
2013. My mom is a CrossFit Coach. She brought me to work one day and I quickly fell in love with the community.


  • Certified People Greeter;
  • Certified Treat Beggar;
  • Certified Nap Expert.

Athletic Background:
I tried running a 400m warm-up with a class one day and found that I am a better observer.

I currently hold the gym’s personal record of Butt Scratches and Belly Rubs.

What do you do for fun outside the box?
I love naps, short walks, destroying stuffed toys, visiting family, car rides, and smelling all the smells!

Favorite food:
Bananas “Naners”, Puppy Yogurt, Sweet Potatoes… pretty much anything you put in front of me.