Cyle Coles


Cyle Coles



  • CrossFit Level 2 (CF L2)
  • USAW Level 1 Sports Performance
  • Found CrossFit in 2013
  • Coaching since: June 2015

Coaching Philosophy:
My coaching philosophy is centered around the desire to help people realize their full potential, mentally and physically. Whether I am coaching a class or an individual, I am focused as much on the physical movement as I am on the mental approach to a WOD. I strive to instill confidence in the athletes I coach. I want them to see what they are capable of, and then carry that confidence into their daily lives. I want to build better people — not just better athletes.

Year You Started CrossFit, and How You Found It:
I started CF in 2013, partly because of a recommendation from a friend, and partly because I had grown tired of the globo gym environment. CF fits my personality in that it’s measurable and requires discipline to be successful. I am a very structured and orderly type of person but I also don’t like having to think about my daily programming. I trust in my coaches to guide my training, and this allows me to mentally focus on the task at hand. My friend recognized my strengths (I’m an engineer) and weaknesses (again, I’m an engineer) and suggested I give it a try. I did one intro class and I was hooked. It helped that there was a giant tractor tire in front of the box I started at. I always wanted to flip one of them, so like a moth to a flame…

CF L2 and USAW L1 Sports Performance Coach

Athletic Background:
I stopped playing sports in high school and wasn’t interested in weight lifting until I was 20. I started with mostly power lifting but eventually added daily 5k runs into the mix. I was essentially a recreational lifter/weekend warrior before I found CF.

Outside the Box:
I love to travel. I didn’t get to travel as a child so I feel like I missed out on so many great opportunities. I love experiencing different cultures and seeing how people live outside of the US. I am also a bit of a book worm. I have a collection of about 200 books, some I’ve read twice. It’s always an adventure when I travel because I tend to come home with more books but not more time with which to read them.

Favorite Food:
All of the food.