Mayhem Affiliate Bodybuilding 3/8/2023


Mayhem Affiliate Bodybuilding 3/8/2023


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 6:30amclass has been temporarily closed until further notice.

CrossFit Natomas – Open Gym


Bodybuilding RPE Scale

RPE 1-3 || This should be a weight that an athlete can move with ease throughout the intended rep range.

RPE 4-5 || This is a weight that provides a moderate amount of resistance but the athlete feels like they could double the intended rep range with the weight they chose

RPE 6-7 || This is a moderate-moderate/heavy weight for the athletes. This should provide a challenge for the intended rep range but should not be something that they are worried of failing. The rest needed between sets should be minimal.

RPE 8-9 || This is a near maximal effort for the intended rep range. Athletes should need and want adequate amount of rest between the sets at this RPE.

RPE 10 || This is a max effort for the intended rep range. The athlete should be fully taxed at the end of each set.

Mayhem Bodybuilding Goals

Mayhem Bodybuilding is a stand alone hypertrophy focused program. You may layer this on top of some of the other Mayhem Athlete Program, but it is not designed to be performed on top of all other tracks each day. We will include pieces of some days in other programs as “ACCESSORY”. The goals are to stay focused and rest just long enough so that you can perform the next set with quality and control unless stated otherwise. Keep your attention of each set and keep your phone in your bag. Sessions are not done “for time” but treat them like you are limited on time. Keep a visible clock running to keep you accountable.

Leg Day Warm-up (Checkmark)

Hip Halo Activation


3 rounds

15/12 Bike Erg

5 Cossack Squats (each side)

10 Kang Squats (empty barbell)

Back Squat (4 sets: 6 reps @ Challenging Weight for 6 reps – RPE 8-9)

*Rest 2:00-2:30 b/t sets

Focus: High bar position. Controlled speed down and up. Stop just before full lockout at the top of each rep for added time under tension on legs.

GHD Nordic (Hamstring) Curl (4 sets: 10 reps – RPE 8)

*Rest 1:30-2:00 b/t sets

Focus: Control your eccentric (going down) for as long as you can. Sit-up by curling with the hamstrings or pushing off on a box to assist. Don’t try to work above your skill/strength level here. Modify this movement by attaching a band to the GHD and wearing the other end like a backpack to assist in coming up. Place a box in front of the GHD to push off of at parallel if a.) it is too difficult to Sit-up on your own or b.) you fail a rep. Working above your skill level will most definitely increase risk for hamstring cramping

GHD Nordic (Hamstring) Curl

Front Racked Barbell Box Step-Ups (4 sets: 10 reps (each side) – RPE 8)

*Rest 1:00-1:30 b/t sets

*Build to a moderate weight; stay the same or build across sets

Focus: With a bar in the front rack position and a 20” box, step up on top of the box to full extension. Repeat on the opposite side. Taking a breath in and breathing out as the step is completed will assist in stability and core engagement.

KB Belt Squats (4 sets: 10 reps – RPE 8)

*Rest 1:30-2:00 b/t sets

Focus: Athletes will set up on an elevated surface for each foot and an opening between this surface for the weight to pass through. Set up with a dip belt and attach KB to dip chain. In the event that you do not have a dip belt, a modified belt squat can be set up with a loose-fitting weightlifting belt and a strong band looped through. ALWAYS INSPECT BANDS FOR SIGNS OF POTENTIAL BREAKAGE BEFORE USING. Take care when setting up as weight can make athlete unstable when moving. Set up with feet at squat width and allow KB to hang between legs. Squat below parallel and then stand. Stopping just before full extension of the knees and hips between reps will keep tension of the quads and make this movement more challenging.

KB Belt Squats

Single Leg Calf Raise (4 sets: 15-20 reps (each side) – RPE 8)

*Rest 1:00-1:30 b/t sets

Focus: While standing, elevate foot so that you can pass below parallel to the floor with your heel. Drive through the big toe at extension. If needed, you can hold a DB to add weight and use a rig or a wall for additional balance support.

Cooldown/Mobility (Checkmark)

1 min Couch Stretch (each side)

1 min Quad Smash (each side)

1 min Forward Fold (straight legs)

1 min Calf Stretch on Wall (each side)

2 min Foam Roll all of Lower Body

Mayhem Mini-Pump

Mini-Pump Sessions are used as a supplement to another Mayhem Athlete track or on days when you are pressed for time and cannot complete the full day’s bodybuilding session as programmed. You should NOT complete today’s bodybuilding program AND the mini-pump session. Choose one or the other.

Leg Day (Time)

4 Rounds

10 Barbell Back Squat @ moderate weight

10 GHD Nordic (Hamstring) Curl @ moderate weight

10 Front Racked Barbell Box Step-Ups (each side) @ moderate weight

15 Single Leg Calf Raise. (each side) @ moderate weight

-Rest 3 min b/t rounds-

Scoring: Time
Demo Videos

GHD Nordic Curl