CrossFit Natomas – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

Stretch together (quads, hamstrings, ankles, shoulders, and chest)


400 meter run with your med ball. 10 front squats and 10 back squats with the med ball at the turn.

Metcon (Time)

With a partner, complete 5 total rounds each of (30 minute cap):

21/18 calorie row

15 med ball cleans (30/20)

9 med ball cross-over push-ups

200m dumbbell overhead carry (50/35)

Partner A can start rowing and Partner B can start the overhead carry at the same time, but Partner B must wait for Partner A to finish the push-ups before they can start rowing.

You go, I go (Partner A finishes an entire round before switching) is an option if you want more rest between rounds.